Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Goodbye to All That

Hello Blogspot!
Wow, I can't believe this blog is just a month shy of being 6 years old! I started this blog when I was accepted to transfer into NYU Tisch as a Film major, ready to pursue my dream career in animation. And here I am, writing to you from LA!

I just moved to Burbank last week and it's been magical already. I am extremely lucky to have such a network of dear friends here and I am so excited to see what's in store for this new chapter/adventure ahead!

Speaking of migration, I have been more active on tumblr and instagram, so please follow me there! Hope to see you around, and thank you for viewing! 



Character Design Challenge - Sailor Moon

This was my first time participating in the Character Design Challenge! Just for fun because I couldn't resist the Sailor Moon topic.

Princess Serenity and Luna always reminded me of the Chinese Moon Fairy, Change E, so I kept that in mind as I designed. I tried to evoke her iconic hair style, but also seek inspiration from more traditional Chinese hairstyles. I also put the planetary symbols of her main four sailor scouts in the "brocade" since I wanted to tie their friendship in!

Goldie & Bear

Lineart by the talented Gideon Kendall

I have worked on this Disney Junior production since graduating 2 years ago, and feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the art team. We just wrapped season 1, hence all the new recent artwork, including this polished version!

Serene Undine

Sherbert Mermaids

Quick Paints

Some practice paintings!
Soldier 76 from Overwatch

Messing around in Photoshop

Doodle Dump

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